Sayings Of Zainab Bint e Ali (a.s)

Sayings of Bibi Zainab (SA):

“O Yazid, You can never reach the level of our lofty position, nor can you destroy our remembrances, nor can you wipe out the ignominy you have earned for yourself by your abominable and vile performance. Your decisions are poor and your days are numbered. Your party will disperse the day when the Announcer will announce – Allah’S CURSE BE ON TYRANTS AND TRANSGRESSORS.” Bibi Zainab binte Ali (a.s)

“O you the son of freed slaves! Is this your justice that the ladies of your house remain veiled and we the Prophet’s daughters should be paraded from place to place?” Bibi Zainab binte Ali (a.s)

“O Yazid! Your misdeed has proved your rebellion against Allah… And this action of yours comes as no surprise from a person whose ancestors chewed the liver of such saintly martyrs. The descendants of such enemies of Allah should naturally be the most deadly!” Bibi Zainab binte Ali (a.s)

“O Yazid! You did what you wished, but remember that you have cut your own skin, In the near future you will be taken in the presence of the Holy Prophet. On that occasion you will be burdened with the sins of the misdeed committed by you shedding the blood of his progeny and dishonouring the sanctity of his family.” Bibi Zainab binte Ali (a.s)

“O Yazid! Practice any trick you can and do anything that you think would vanish Islam, but you should know that you can not eradicate our message, path and memory. You should know that our memory will never die.” Bibi Zainab binte Ali (a.s)


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